Why Go Electric?

As we all know that electric vehicles are the future of going from A to B, by 2040 all vehicles are required to be battery run. But many companies and individuals are looking to turn to Electric Vehicles early as it has many benefits. The costs alone in the long run are a lot cheaper compared to petrol and diesel run vehicles, the demand for electric vehicles are on the rise each day. This is where Clemlec come in as having a charge point installed on your business site or even your home address means that you don't have to go anywhere to keep your vehicle charged up.

  • Cheaper to Run

  • Cheaper to Maintain

  • Beneficial for the Enviroment

  • Benefits our Health

  • No need to rely on Diesel and Petrol Import

What We Do


Home EV Charging


Workplace EV Charging


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Home EV Charging

The EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharging Scheme) is a OLEV scheme designed to provide eligible applicants with support towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of EV chargepoints. The grant is set at as a 75% contribution and is capped at £350 (including VAT) per eligible vehicle.

Customers should read the OLEV ‘Guidance for Customers’ to check eligibility and find out how you can apply, which can be found here. https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/government-grants-for-lowemission-vehicles


Home Electric Vehicle Charging is exactly what it sounds like! Clemlec are able to install charging points inside (Garage) or outside your home property! This allows you to charge your vehicle without having to leave your home. Clemlec offer installation of both Tethered and Untethered installations meaning you have the choice of a dedicated socket or one you can attach yourself.

  • Fast Charging

  • Future Proof as it is universal to all Electric Models

  • Expert installation from a qualified Clemlec Engineer

  • Home Survey - To see if your property is eligible for installation

  • Installation of a dedicated circuit that is seperate from your home, allowing for faster charging to your vehicle

  • 3 Year Manufacturing Warrenty that includes Parts and Labour.

  • Charging points installed to BS7671:2018

WCS (Workplace Charging Scheme)

WCS (Workplace Charging Scheme) is a voucher-based scheme designed to provide eligible applicants with support towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of EV charge points. The contribution is limited to £500 for each socket up to a maximum £10,000 which is 40 charge points, across all sites for each application.

Applicant eligibility The scheme is open to organisations (as defined below) that fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • Are a registered business, charity, or public sector organisation (evidenced by a Companies House Reference, VAT Registration Number or HMRC Registration Letter)

  • Must be either: I. a Public Authority – includes Government Departments and their agencies, the Armed Forces, Local Governments, the NHS and Emergency Services

  • Can declare a need for electric vehicle charging equipment or an intent to encourage uptake among their staff and/or fleet

  • Are located in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

  • Has dedicated off-street parking for staff and/or fleets

  • Own the property or have consent from the landlord for charge points to be installed at all the sites listed in the application

  • Speeds available from 3KW, 7KW, 11KW 22kW super fast or 50kW DC rapid

  • All units available with smart connectivity if you wish your choice

  • Available with a Load Balancing, Dynamic Load Balancing solution to reduce the total power required

  • Choose from floor standing or wall mounted

  • Bay marking

  • Civils

  • Signage

  • Design

  • DNO Liaison if required

  • Full turnkey solutions available for all units


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